Affordable &




Save Time, Easy Setup

Smart Cost Reduction

Easy Connection with VIVOCloud

Quick scan QR code on the screen, start your cloud monitoring in App anytime, anywhere.

One Button Setup on NVRs

Simple to install with 3 steps, providing a highly intuitive experience for system set-up within 2 minutes.

Camera Management Tool with Shepherd

Shepherd, embedded with auto-detect network devices and device management functions, enables the easy set-up of multiple cameras at once.

IP Cameras

1. All embedded with Trend Micro Cybersecurity software.
2. Designed for the needs of small-to-medium business.
3. Smart VCA feature for special scenarios.

Core+ NVR

1. Core+ firmware provides cybersecurity management, Smart Search II and VCA event search and counting solution features.
2. Support ONVIF protocol.
3. No additional fee for fixed IP, users can remote connect NVRs via VAST 2 server to fulfill multi-site management.
4. With PoE plug-in and management functions, owners will not need to purchase additional PoE switches.


1. Free cross-platform cloud service on Portal & App
2. 24/7 surveillance monitoring
3. Lite CMS for small-scale applications


1. Can Manage unlimited VIVOTEK NVRs
2. Cybersecurity management solution
3. CMS for medium-scale applications

Cybersecurity Management Solution

Intelligent Protected Devices’ Cybersecurity

Smart Search II

6X Searching Efficiency

As IoT devices such as IP surveillance cameras continue to come online in large numbers, they have become major targets for hacking and data leaks. Business owners can remain impervious to cyber-threats with VIVOTEK’s front-to-back-end Cybersecurity Management Solution.

Pre-event – Protection

Trend Micro Multi-Layer Anti-Intrusion Software

Real-time – Notification

Cyber Threats with Cybersecurity Alarm Management

Post-event – Report

Event Reports on Core+ NVR or VAST 2
Cyber Risk Dashboard on VAST 2

Any Surveillance System should provide instant alarms and rapid video searching tools to enhance security, allowing users to quickly sort through large amounts of footage to find object or person-related motion. Human behaviours such as crossing a user-defined area,
loitering in an area for a set time and intruding into/leaving from a zone can all serve as search criteria. Video clips can be easily found and exported.

Pre-event – Protection

High accuracy with deep learning VCA technology
Reduce false alarms

Real-time – Notification

Multi-channel live view
Push notification

Post-event – Search

Smart Search II on Core+ NVR or VAST 2
Multi-channel playback

VIVOCloud App

Easy Setup, Quick Start

Automatically search all connected devices, no more port forwarding, no more VPN setup, simply turn-on VIVOCloud service on your VIVOTEK device.

Get Alerts and Quick Playback

Push alerts to owner’s mobile device, get suspicious video directly with edge storage recording, rapid playback, and view notification history.

Scale to Suit Your Business

Expandable network with up to 16 devices (IP cameras or NVRs), providing centralised management of cloud surveillance.

Camera Configuration

Robust cloud surveillance can configure all settings with the VIVOCloud App including camera setup, alarms, push notifications, schedule recording, and more.

Share Devices, Co-Management

Share devices on up to 4 different VIVOCloud accounts, simple account authority management.

Fisheye Dewarp

Fisheye Dewarp of VIVOTEK 360°cameras can also be executed in the mobile App. Users can choose 1O, 1P, 1R modes of fisheye cameras and use ePTZ to view streams from different angles.

VIVOCloud Portal

Plug-in-free Portal

No need to install any software, log-in with the same VIVOCloud account and view NVR playback via Chrome
or Firefox on both Windows and mac OS. All settings are synchronised with VIVOCloud App.

Intuitive Monitoring

Adjustable layout for live view and playback, with device management and alarm notification, owners can easily manage their business with cloud surveillance.

Flexible Integration Solution

Enhance Efficiency of Surveillance Management

3D People Counting

The stereo camera provides real-time precise tracking video and high accuracy counting (up to 98%). Counting analytics can be applied to in-store layout improvement, promotional evaluation, staff planning, and the control of service times, providing business owners key metrics to effectively manage their operation.

Crowd Control Solution

Smart-monitor the number of people entering and exiting a store, providing customers and staff with a
safer environment. This intelligent people-counting camera and analytics system can be deployed at
points of entry to areas with a higher likelihood of social interaction.

Tailgating Detector

High-level surveillance is vital for protecting your business and asset, an anti-tailgating solution that
ensures only one individual enters the secured area for each authorised card by detecting people passing through the doorway.

SMB Application - Retail

Robust security and surveillance are key components of the retail store infrastructure. Protecting your investment in inventory and maintaining low shrinkage rates with VIVOTEK SMB solutions are critical to long-term business success.