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    Cathexis Technologies is a globally recognised electronic and Video Management Software developer. For more than 20 years Cathexis has shown how surveillance solutions can maximise return-on-investment for security management, infrastructure management, and business intelligence to improve every aspect of the client’s organisation.

    With offices based around the globe, Cathexis’ video surveillance solutions can be found in many diverse vertical markets, such as Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, Healthcare, Mining, Education, Transport, Business Parks, City Surveillance, Government and Remote Monitoring, as well as Residential and Commercial Property sectors.

    The software’s capability for deep integration with third-party systems like IP surveillance Cameras, Access Control, Alarm and Fire Panels, Weighbridges, Fence Monitoring Systems, Logistics Scanning systems, and many others, enables Cathexis to supply comprehensive systems to channel partners and offer solutions which go beyond security.

    Which CathexisVision package is right for you?

    CathexisVision can be purchased as part of a CathexisVision Package. We can recommend the best package for you by entering your requirments into the below fields.

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